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History of the club

Sevenoaks Powerchair Football team originated from Valence School in Westerham. It was introduced to students by staff in 2003/04. 

At this early stage, car tyres were sawn in half and tied to wheelchairs to act as barriers to enable them to play. Students at Valence School played competitively in the National League as the Valence Vikings. 

This continued until 2012 when, with the employment of a full time development officer at the school, steps were taken to separate the competitive school team to a community team, enabling other disabled people outside of Valence School the opportunity to take part. 

Valence Vikings officially became Sevenoaks Powerchair Football Club for the 2012/13 season after affiliating with Sevenoaks Town Juniors Football Club. 

The club then decided to become a charity and this was achieved in 2015 (charity number 1160738), strengthening the clubs aims to provide greater opportunity for players to access powerchair football.

The team currently play in the Wheelchair Football Associations National League and the South East Regional Powerchair Football League.

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