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Number of Players

  • A team consists of up to 8 players.

  • 4 players are on the pitch at any time.

  • One player is a goalkeeper.

  • There are unlimited substitutes.

Match Duration

  • A match is 40 minutes long.

  • This is played in two 20 minute halves.

Ball In and Out of Play

  • If a ball leaves the field of play the following will be awarded;

  • Push In (equivalent to a throw in)

  • Corner

  • Goal Kick

  • Set Ball

Restarting Play

  • All opposition players must be 5m away from the ball.

  • The set piece taker can only touch the ball once.

2 on 1

  • If two teammates and an opponent are within 3 meters of the ball while it is in play, then it is a foul

  • The referee will award an indirect free kick to the opposing team.the pit

The Pitch

  • The game is played indoors on a Basketball court

  • The surface of the court must be hard, smooth and level

  • It is vital that there is adequate “run off” around the pitch



  • Powerchair Football has to be played in an electric wheelchair

  • Players must use a sanctioned playing attachment

  • Players must wear a seatbelt for their own safety and is a rule

The Ball

  • A unique 33cm diameter ball is used.


  • The goal posts are 6m apart and unique Powerchair Football goal posts are used for safety.

  • A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the goal line.

Penalty Area

  • Only 2 players from the defending team may enter the penalty area at any one time.

  • If more than 2 defenders enter their penalty area a free-kick will be awarded to the opposition.

  • There is no restriction for the attacking team.

  • The goalkeeper can commit a 2 on 1 in the area.


  • Usually awarded for fouls such as heavy contact or ramming an opponent.

  • Taken from 3.5m from the goal line.

  • The goalkeeper must remain behind this line, until the ball is struck.

  • All other players must be behind the ball and at least 5m from the ball.


  • Allowed as long as it is playing attachment to playing attachment.

  • Contact with any other part of the chairs or ramming is a foul and is NOT allowed.

  • Ramming is when a player deliberately drives into an opponent, with or without the ball, at a high rate of speed or with excessive force. The opponent may be moving or standing still.

  • An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

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